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Chaos first appearance is as a villain in the middle of Dragon Ball History. He is the companion of Ten Shin Han, and they both meet Son Gokuh when he had defeated Red Ribbon Army.

Ten Shin Han and Chaos are two thieves that survive swindeling to poor villagers, by making them believe that a savage flying pink arrives their villages to destroy them all, and they can defeait it and save them..

Son Gokuh discovers their secret, and decides to help the villagers, in order not to continue being swindle by this two villains.

Shortly after that, Son Gokuh participates in 22 Tenkaichi Budokai, and there he realizes that Ten Shin Han and Chaos are also registered...in addition, they are disciples of Tsuru Tsen'nin, and old friend but now enemy of Kame Sen'nin (Mutenroshi). It is revealed that Tao Pai Pai was the brother of Tsuru Tsen'nin, and the objective of Ten Shin Han and Chaos, including to win the tournament, is becoming the best asassin of the world, to revenge Tao Pai Pai.

They all reach final quarters, and in this stage, Krilin and Chaos must fight.

A hard combat begins, in which Krilin shows a higher combat ability, but Chaos is able to respond thanks to his mind powers, that allows him to control Krilin movements and to launch him some objects. In addition, Chaos is able to use Dodonpa perfectly, that is Tsuru's school main skill.

Finally, Krilin is able to disperse Chaos thoughts asking him some maths questions. To count and complete the test Chaos needs to use his fingers. This way, Krilin is able to take control of the combat, and eliminates Chaos.

After 22 Tenkaichi Budokai, Chaos understand which is the right way in the life, and accompany Ten Shin Han and Kame disciples, leaving Tsuru.

Shortly after this Chaos is killed by Piccolo Daimaoh, and resurrects thanks to Dragon Balls. In 23 Tenkaichi Budokai he meets Tao Pai Pai in the preliminar stages, that now is a cyborg. In revenge because of the abandon of Tsuru's school, Tao Pai Pai damages and disqualifies Chaos.

Some years after that, Chaos goes with Ten Shin Han and the other Z-Warriors to save the world from Saiya-jin attack, but now he is weaker than the other Z-Warrriors and is killed after Yamcha.

At the other world, he is trained by Kaioh Sama, with Piccolo, Yamcha and Ten Shin Han, but when he is resurrected, he abandons the fights, and become only a Z-Warriors assistant.


Chaos is the smaller (in height) of the Z-Warriors, even Krilin.

He appears in the third Dragon Ball film as the Emperor of a little country, with Ten Shin Han as personal bodyguard, that betrayed him at the beginning, but demonstrates that he is a loyal friend at the end.

Chaos Physically looks like a small clown, white skinned, and colorete of red color in the cheeks. Also under his small hat, that almost never undresses, is a unique hair.

Never is outstanding by his ability for the combat, although their psychic abilities have helped him enough, being able to send to rocks and other objects against their rivals. Also he shows certain cooking dowries when leaves the fighting and he dedicates to cook in house of Mutenroshi.

Relatives of Chaoz

Gráfica de poder de Chaoz - Beta Version

Evolución en Dragon Ball (Medido respecto al poder máximo de Son Gokuh en Dragon Ball)

  • 22 Tenkaichi Budokai

  • 22 Tenkaichi Budokai
  • Chaoz

  • Evolución en Dragon Ball Z (Medido respecto al poder de Vegeta en la Saga de los Saiya-jin)

    • Durante el ataque contra Nappa y los Saibaimans

    • Durante el ataque contra Nappa y los Saibaimans
    • Chaoz

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