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Sosón Goku talking to Vegetal

Imagen"Well, I will destroy all of your subordinates. And atfer that, you are the next!"

Dragon Fall, Número 21

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Dragon Ball Characters Cards

  • A-16
  • A-16

    A-16 is an android, a total robot type, whom Mirai No Trunks had no notice at all in his alternative future.

    He is awaked by A-17 y A-18, disobeying the instructions of Dr. Gero, who had said to them that he was a defective android.

    He is a very calm and quiet android, that doesn´t show interest at all for the battle. His partners think that this is the reason why Dr. Gero said he was defective. Little by little, A-16 is going to make us discover some details that show him...

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