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Akkuman´s Card

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Although Akkuman aspect looks like a pale man with a demon swear, in fact he is a demon.

He was Uranai Baba´s tournament champion until Son Goku arrived, and probably he won any Tenkaichi Budokai edition. He is still Baba´s preferred fighter, nevertheless Son Gohan Ojichan replaces him as No. 1 fighter when he comes back from The Other World.

He has the ability to fly (Bukujutsu skill), and a great domain over demonic typical arms, like the trident, but his favourite skill is a ray that can search and find badness in his opponent soul, and kill him. This skill is called Akkumaito Kousen.


Akkuman´s prominence in Dragon Ball World, can be only considerated at Uranai Baba´s Tournament, when Son Goku, Upa, Krilin, Yamcha and the others go to Baba´s house looking for information about last Dragon Ball placement.

He was usually the fifth and ultimate fighter used by Uranai Baba in her tournaments, but at this time, she decides to give fifth place to Son Gohan Ojichan (the grandfather of Son Goku), so Akkuman fights in fourth place, when The Mummy has been beated by Son Goku.

He is a strong fighter, but cannot do anything against Son Goku using traditional skill, so he waste no time to use his more powerful skill: the Akkumaito Kousen.

He is sure that is totally impossible to anyone not having any badness in his soul, and launch Akkumaito Kousen using all of his power. Everybody scare when they see the skill fully reaching Son Goku, however, the little boy looks like no affected by Akkumaito Kousen. A few seconds later it is sure that the skill has not worked as Akkuman expected, and that Son Goku has a so noble and pure heart.

This one fact leaves to Akkuman like a quite bad opponent, surrendering himself, and so begins the next battle between Son Goku and his grandfather.

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