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How to Draw Manga

Guide to learn to draw manga and anime

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Some time ago, if you wanted to learn how to draw manga (japanese style comics) or anime, it was a very difficult task, because of the little information around internet and the few schools in where you could study it. Now, it is possible to do due to the specialization and degrees offered by some schools of manga in United States and other european countries, and the appearance of a lot of tutorials and information on internet. This is a schools and tutorials compilation to offer you the opportunity to select the way to make your dreams true, and become a professional sketcher.

Select your online tutorial or degree education level, in one of the areas (Computer Coloring, Manga Creation, Character Making and Web Design, Games Artist) and gain recognition over the otaku community creating your own manga or anime.

  • Anime Academy

    Anime Academy is an online campus that contains tons of information and tutorials in a great and big otaku community.
  • How to Draw Manga

    This site contains some general tutorials about drawing specific characters, general anime faces and various articles about coloring help on computer with Photoshop 5.0 and Paint Shop Pro 6.0
  • OMU - Online Manga University

    Here you will find a lot of information and tutorials on how to become a manga characters sketcher, and recommendations on how to coloring them on your computer.
  • Cartoon Smart

    In Cartoon Smart, you can train yourself in some important areas for anime and manga education. Here you can enter and download flash tutorial in Drawing, Animation, Web Design, Gaming and much more.

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