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Bulma is the first person that Son Gokuh knows, from his grandpa. Sixteen years old, Bulma is an independent girl, and she is be able to build super tecnologic devices because of her big intelligence. One of this devices is a radar, that can detect the vibrations produced by a Dragon Ball, and she begins single, until she meet Son Gokuh, a world tour in order to search and find them.

Although she participates in the first adventures like main character, little by little she will be relegated to a position of secondary character about protagonism, but not about importance, because she will continue giving Son Gokuh and the other Z-Warriors, the support and tools to travel to Namek and other planets, or to rise up their power. For example, she will build a machine that allows Vegeta to reach Super Saiya-jin level 4.

In addition to her own cast as protagonist, she will also become the companion and wife of Vegeta, and the mother of Trunks.

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