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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2


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Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2

Like a sequel of Dragon Ball Z Budokai, it came to us this game, with the promise to improve Playstation 2 Dragon Ball Z experience.

It looked pretty nice from the beginning, with a very good opening, based on the typical Toei Animation, with Hironobu Kageyama as the interpreter.

It incorporates new features with respect to its predecessor, like an eight-player Tournament Mode, a RPG game mode, and the possibility to recover saved games from Dragon Ball Z Budokai, to reach some extra options.

  • Gogeta vs Cooler
    Gogeta vs Cooler
  • Broly vs Son Goku
    Broly vs Son Goku

In addition, Budokai 2 began to pay attention on film characters, like Broly or Coola.

However, some users criticized the videogame, about the elimination of original japaneses voices this time, that were replaced by english voices. History mode has some deficiencies that users did not like.


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