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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi


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Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi
Dragon Ball Z Sparking!

Game Analysis

With Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi, or its original name, Dragon Ball Z Sparking!, Bandai and Atari show a new generation of beat'em-up for Playstation 2.

Graphs in 3D were improved enormously and the number of characters to choose was extended a lot comparing with the previous games, giving us the possibility to choose between 50 different characters, many of them transformed or in different states. This extends the figure of characters to a total of 90 possibilities. Maybe the worst part of the game in this point is that we have to choose the state of the character before starting the battle, and transformations are not allowed during it, a possibility that did exist in the previous games. On the other hand, this allowes us to take every character to his maximum it doesn´t matter his state.

  • Cell in his second form, sending an attack
    Cell in his second form, sending an attack
  • Gotenks attacking Super Boo, using Super Donuts
    Gotenks attacking Super Boo, using Super Donuts
  • Son Goku SSJ2 versus Vegeta SSJ2
    Son Goku SSJ2 versus Vegeta SSJ2

Scenarios in 3D can be destroyed in battles, one thing that makes us remember the original Dragon Ball history. This realism is also shown in the characters´suffering and in their clothes, with damages in real time.

The game offers several modalities to avoid getting bored with only duels, like the History mode, a little bit modified this time, with dimension doors that take us to different stages of Dragon Ball Z or GT history. There are also mini-games, like “7 Dragon Balls”, other to ask a wish to Shenron, another to unlock characters and many new modalities.

Another important thing is the soundtrack, that is really good (though in Japan it incluyes the original one from the serie and in Europe it is specifically designed for the game), and Japanese original voices are absolutly great.

  • Son Goku SSJ sending a Kame Hame Ha to Cooler
    Son Goku SSJ sending a Kame Hame Ha to Cooler
  • Mirai No Trunks Vs Cell in second form
    Mirai No Trunks Vs Cell in second form
  • Gotenks Vs Super Boo in Spirit and Time Hall
    Gotenks Vs Super Boo in Spirit and Time Hall

Game modes

Battle door Z

History mode: You can revive the Dragon Ball Z and GT´s history, but with flexibility, in which you can choose the character you want to fight with in every moment, or even vary in some parts of the history, depending on the path chosen.

This game consist on getting through dimensional doors that take us to different chapters of the history. You have to unlock and pass some doors before getting to some others, and it is not strictly lineal, it gives us this flexibility mentioned before. Moreover, once passed the original history, new stories about alternative reality are presented, in which we can see what would had ocurr if things had happened in a different way... for example, if Freezer would win the battle in Namek...

History mode also contains several mini-games to unlock characters, habilities and hidden chapters.

Final Battle

In this game mode, action is about passing a number of combats enough to become the number 1 of the Ranking. We have 100 enemies to defeat, starting with Mr. Satán.

In this game mode you can choose every unlocked character, in every state.

  • Tournament Mode: Vegeta versus Son Goku
    Tournament Mode: Vegeta versus Son Goku
  • History Mode: Vegeta versus Freezer in his first form
    History Mode: Vegeta versus Freezer in his first form
  • Definitive Battle Mode: Son Goku SSJ versus Janemba
    Definitive Battle Mode: Son Goku SSJ versus Janemba

It is recommended to use the option Z Evolution in this game mode, in which we can improve the habilities of the characters because first battles are easy but the difficulty will grow more and more, and last levels are extremely hard to pass with a normal character.

World Tournament

In this mode, there are several levels of difficulty to take part in Tenkaichi Budokai. When you rise a level, another round to get to the final is added, and, of course, the IA of the rivales gets bigger.

Last level, once unlocked, is Cell's Game, in which you have to pass the 5 rounds of the competition to be able to face Perfect Cell in the final.


When there´s no time to play a long mode game, or only if we want to decide when and against which character we want to fight with, there is the Duel mode, in which we can fight with every character we want in 1vs1 way, against the computer or another human player. Moreover, we also have the chance to choose the battlefield.


It s a mode in which we can practice the habilities and techniques of every one of the characters of the game. We can select the level of IA fot the computer, or even a sparring that won´t move. Moreover, to avoid eliminations and keep on with the practice, our character will never be defeated or eliminated when it falls down from the tatami...neither our rival of course...

More Options

Apart from the normal options we have in the game configuration and the possibility to charge or save the data, we can get access ,in every moment, to the Z Evolution mode, to add several characteristics to our characters.

We can do this after getting some Z objects in combats in Battle Z Door mode or Final Battle mode. There are 2 kind of Z objects: skill objects, and help objects. The first ones allow us to improve the standard habilities of our characters, like strenght or KI. The second ones give us new habilities, like the possibility to extend our target seeker, to find quicky an enemy that is far away from us.

Best and worst of the game

Without a doubt, if something characterizes and extends the enjoy of this "Tenkaichi Budokai" comparing with the previous games it is its diversity in mode games, and the number of characters we can play with.

Another good thing of the game is that almost every character final movement is done with the same botones combination, which makes us easy to control everyone. On the other hand, this can also be negative, from the point of view of enjoy.

The worst thing, maybe, is that we have too many characters and so long modes like “Final Battle”, and this could make us be satisfied with the game once passed this modes with only 3 or 4 characters, almost ignoring the rest of them.

Cheats to unlock options and characters

  • Get the 7 Dragon Balls: They are in Kami Sama´s palace, in Z Battle Door option (History mode). To get them, one of the possible battles has to be chosen. In them Krilín, Yamcha, Ten Shin Han y Chaos can train, destroy the temple and pick the ball that is there. But we have to win the battle to get it. Once we have the 7 balls, we can make a wish to Shenron, like unlock a character you like.
  • Desbloqueo de personajes mediante objetos:
    • Baby Vegeta : Tuffles + Artificial Bruits Waves.
    • Bardock : Kakarot + Odio a los Saiyajins.
    • Bojack (transformado) : Galactic Warriors + Seal Release
    • Broly : Super Saiya-jin + Broly
    • Cooler Forma Final : Hermano Mayor de Freezer + Super Transformación
    • Freezer Forma Final (máximo poder) : Forma final de Freezer + Super Transformación
    • Gran Saiyaman : Gohan + Kit de transformación en héroe.
    • Janemba : Psyche Orge + Maldad de la gente.
    • Majin Buu (con Gotenks) : Super Saiya-jin 3 Gotenks + Absorción.
    • Majin Buu (pura maldad) : Majin Buu (bueno) + Bala de loco.
    • Majin Buu (con Gohan Definitivo) : Gohan Definitivo + Absorción.
    • Majin Vegeta : Super Saiya-jin 2 Vegeta + Babidi.
    • Mecha Freezer : Freezer Forma Final (Full Power) + Cirugía reconstructiva.
    • Perfect Cell (forma perfecta) :
    • Super Saiya-jin Goku + Cell Forma Perfecta.
    • Super 17 : Androide 17 + Androide 17.
    • Super Saiya-jin 3 Gotenks: Super Saiya-jin + Super Saiya-jin Gotenks.
    • Super Saiya-jin 4 Gogeta: SSJ4 Goku + SSJ4 Vegeta.
    • Super Saiya-jin Gogeta: Goku + Vegeta.
    • Super Trunks: Super Saiya-jin + Super Saiya-jin Trunks.
    • Super Vegetto: Super Saiya-jin + Vegetto.
    • Gohan Definitivo: Super Saiya-jinn 2 Gohan + Elder Supremme Kai.
    • Vegeta (Explorador): Vegeta + Explorador.


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