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Dragon Ball Z: La Légende Saien


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Dragon Ball Z: La Légende Saien
Dragon Ball Z: Super Buttoden 2

Platform: Super Nintendo
Size: 1340 Kilobytes

With a plot very similar to the previous one and translated to French appears the second part of Super Buttoden. It has exactly the same options but it improves a lot the graphs and the managing of the characters.

Without a doubt, it is the best game of Dragon Ball for SNES. Combat techniques of Goku and Broly are absolutely spectacular, like the enormous energic attacks.

With several modes, the most interesant part could be the History, that can vary depending on the elections we take, finishing or not with a battle against Son Goku.

This kind of game brings us, in a very original way, the Cell´s saga, followed by Bojack´s adventure, and in the end: Broly, the legendarian Super Saiya-jin.

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