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A-16´s Card

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A-16 is an android, a total robot type, whom Mirai No Trunks had no notice at all in his alternative future.

He is awaked by A-17 y A-18, disobeying the instructions of Dr. Gero, who had said to them that he was a defective android.

He is a very calm and quiet android, that doesn´t show interest at all for the battle. His partners think that this is the reason why Dr. Gero said he was defective. Little by little, A-16 is going to make us discover some details that show him more complete than his partners, like a radar that allows him to detect power from other warriors. Moreover, he will explain that he is not interested in battle because his only objective is to kill Son Gokuh, and so, he is not interested in any other fight. He will also show a total respect for nature and the rest of beings that live on it, especially birds.

When A-17 is threatened by Cell, A-16 understands that he is a great danger not only for the consecution of his own goal, but also for the whole universe, so he decides to forget his goal and fight with Cell.

In this battle he makes an awesome deployment of power that shows the battle very tough, he looks even superior to Cell. Unfortunately for him, he loses his concentration for a moment and Cell could absorb A-17 easily, and in his second state A-16 is only a toy very easy to defeat, hitting him on his head.

He was not the main objective to Cell, that gets focused on A-18, so he gets not completely destroyed, and once Cell gets his perfection, Krilín decides to accept him together with the Z-Warriors, and carries him to the Capsule Corp. to repare his mechanism.

So after that, he goes with the Z-Warriors to help them to kill Cell. Son Gokuh is very pleased for this support but A-16 warns him that the final objective of his programm is still killing him and he must not forget it.

When Son Gohan is fighting with Cell, A-16 thinks that the boy will not be able to defeat him, so he decides to appear behind Cell, threatening with destroy himself and kill Cell too. He really tries but, unfortunately, the mechanism of self-destruction had been cancelled before by Bulma and Dr. Brief in the Capsule Corp., so Cell reacts and destroys the android.

His head, still functional, supports Son Gohan to keep on with the battle, before being crushed and destroyed forever by Cell. This fact will be, without a doubt, the most important factor to angry Son Gohan, and to make him use his power to transform him into Super Saiya-jin level 2, and then defeat Cell.

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