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A-17´s Card

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A-17 is one of the two assasin androids built by Dr. Gero, in order to kill Son Gokuh because of the Red Ribbon´s destruction. But this is Mirai No Trunks future version...

The truth is that Son Gokuh and the others meet three androids, more powerful even that those Mirai No Trunks described, but the are quite pacific and see their objetive as only a game, without the final objective of destroy the world and humanity.

A-17 believes that he is the more powerful and perfect creation of Dr. Gero, and never assummes that A-16 is powerful that him, not even Cell.

But he never shows a special interest for the battle, except when he helps A-18 being attacked by all of the Z-Warriors, and later, when he face Piccolo. Only at that moment, A-17 shows his really power, in a great battle that is stopped by Cell´s arrive.

Due to Cell´s arrive, Piccolo stops battle versus A-17 and faces Cell, but he is quickly defeated. Then, A-17 suffers the same Cell´s power, although he is rescued by A-16 intervetion, who has a power similar to Cell´s, at that moment.

Nevertheless, in an A-16 negligence, Cell appears below A-17, and finnaly reach his objective to absorbe him, finishing A-17 adventures in Dragon Ball Z.

In Dragon Ball GT, A-17 appears again, with a pacific life in the forest, that is interrupt by the alter-ego of him, created by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu, in inferno. When they both meet, their programs force them to make a fusion, and become Super A-17.

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