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Bardock´s Card

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As the leader of a saiya-jin´s attack team, Bardock is sent to conquer Kanassa star, by Freeza. Planet´s inhabitants do not make a lot of resistance, less still when all the team transform themselves in Ohzaru.

When the have finished, a dying inhabitant of Kanassa, takes hold Bardock and give him the precognition power, telling him that power will be his own curse, because he will live continuosly the horror of his race destiny.

Toma, a Bardock´s companion, kills the Kanassa-jin, but Bardock becomes unconcious at same time. Later in Planet Vegeta, the visions of Bardock begin, and he watchs how the saiya-jins are betrayed, and the planet is destroyed by Freeza. After that, he tries to back to normality by coming back to combat beside his companions, avoiding the recent birth of his own son, Kakarotto, because the low combat level of the baby is a dishonor for him.

He soon realizes that the rest of his team has been sent by Freezer, to conquer Meat planet. When he reachs it, Bardock finds the corpses of Toma, Toteppo, Pampukin, Seripa and Tooro. They have been anihilated by Dodoria´s attack team.

Bardock takes a dyed handkerchief in blood, and puts it over his head, while remember his companions and promise revenge to them. One by one he kills the members of Dodoria´s team, showing his great warrior potential, although he is a low level saiya-jin.

When he has finished the soldiers, Dodoria appears and Bardock tries to face him, but he is quickly defeated by the monster, who believe he is dead and leaves the planet. However, Bardocks is still alive and backs to Planet Vegeta, trying to advise his race of Freeza´s treason.

When he arrives the planet, he visits various places as the bar, where he shouts the treason of Freezer, that he and his group have discovered, but everybody make fun of him. Desperate, he realizes that if he wants to save his race, he must make it alone, and he attacks directly Freeza´s spaceship, that is orbiting the planet in that moment, preparing for the destruction of the planet.

A complete legion of Freeza´s soldiers tries to stop Bardock, that plenty of fury, surpasses all obstacles in spite of being losing blood and near the death. In the end, and caused by Bardock, the own Freezer leaves his ship to watch with his own eyes the saiya-jin that is had bold to be against him? something unusual until that moment for him.

Bardock assures to him that he is going to him to kill, but conscious of his limitations compare with the tyrant, he warns Freeza about the vision that he has lived, in that his own son, Kakarotto, will change the destiny of Freezer forever. Bardock prepares his better energy attack and sends it with all his fury against Freezer. The tyrant only smiles and begins to form an enormous Death Ball, that absorbs without problems the attack of Bardock.

In spite of being warned by Zarbon, that if sends the Death Ball, all soldiers (those who have tried to stop to Bardock) will die, Freezer ignores all whatever is said to him and sends the enormous energy ball against the planet, killing to his men, to Bardock, and finally destroying the planet Vegeta forever.


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