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Raditz´s Card

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As the first villain appearing in Dragon Ball Z, Raditz arrives at Earth full of hostility, and making feel fear everybody that meets him. One of them is Piccolo, who thought Gokuh was his only rival.

Raditz arrives the planet with a bad notice: Gokuh is the brother of him, and he belongs to an other planet race, called the saiya-jin.. More over, the mission of Gokuh was Earth´s conquest, but he has missed it by an unknown reason.

Nevertheless Gokuh does not please this news, and claims himself as human race part, and does the promise to defend it from menace.

Then, Raditz decides kidnapping Son Gohan, Gokuh´s son, who is only a little infant, as a pressure method to convince Son Gokuh to join his group. Due to this fact, Raditz will be the main cause of the union in combat of Son Gokuh and Piccolo, being born therefore the Z-Warriors.

Raditz presents a hard battle, being to them an almost invincible rival, nevertheless, when they are able to win, there are news about worst enemies...there are more Saiya-jin, extremely powerful, and they are on way to Earth...

Relatives of Raditz

Gráfica de poder de Raditz - Beta Version

Evolución en Dragon Ball Z (Medido respecto al poder de Vegeta en la Saga de los Saiya-jin)

  • A la llegada de Raditz

  • A la llegada de Raditz
  • Raditz

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