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King Cold´s Card

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King Cold is the father of Freezer. He appears one year after Namek's battle, with his son who has become Mecha Freezer.

His objective is to assist the son of him to destroy Son Gokuh, the Super Saiya-jin, who dishonor them, and to destroy the Earth as a revenge.

But they did not suppose to exist another Super Saiya-jin waiting their arrival: Trunks, who not only kills Freezer and King Cold even.

Although it is known that his power is lower than Super Saiya-jin, his true power level is unknown. The only reference about it, is that Z-Warriors detects two similar powers, so it seems that King Cold's power is as high as Freezer power, but not necessary higher. By other side, Freezer tells Son Gokuh at Namek, that his father was the only one who has pull down at floor in the past.

Although he is not as charismatic as Freezer, King Cold shows whom Freezer has obtain the parameters of his character. He shows a great pride, and despise the life of his own son when he offers Trunks to be his new son at Freezer's death. However, his words have not the effect he looked for, and suffer the same destiny of his son.

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