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Dragon Ball Begins


Once upon a time, in a far away mountain from the city, a tailed boy called Son Gokuh live there, with his grandfather Son Gohan. One day Son Gokuh´s grandfather died in strange circumstances that the boy could not discover. Thanks to Son Gohan´s education, Son Gokuh could survive with no problems until a day.....

Meeting Bulma

One day after fishing, Gokuh was run over by a girl driving a motorbike. Son Gokuh who´s ever seen a girl before, thought she was a monster and attacked her. The girl, called Bulma, scares but Son Gokuh´s soul prevents him to make her damage at all.

Bulma discovers that Son Gokuh have a Magic Dragon Ball, so she tells him that anyone that joins the seven magical Dragon Balls can realized any wish.

More over, when she discovers that Son Gokuh is very strong, and he could be very useful, take him to help her in the search for Dragon Balls.

The first search for the magical Dragon Balls

Gokuh and Bulma begins their trip to look for the Dragon Balls, and they arrive to a village where the villagers are frightened by a monster called Oolong, which kidnaps the girls. When Gokuh face him discover that it is a pig, that is weak but has magical knowledges. Villagers give them a Dragon Ball that they had keeped and, Gokuh and Bulma continues their trip companied by Oolong.

Crossing desert, they meet two thieves: Yamcha and his companion, called Puar. Yamcha is an expert in artial marts, and Puar is a flyer cat that has magical knowledges similar to Oolong.

Yamcha attacks Son Gokuh and it is an even fight, but Yamcha scares girls, and when he notes Bulma´s presence, he flees. In the night, Yamcha discovers the Dragon Ball legend, and decides to help them, in order to obtain his own wish: ´Not to scare girls.´

After this, all of them meet the famous Mutenroshi Sensei, who gives Son Gokuh a magical flyer cloud, called Kinton, and a Dragon Ball. The sixth Dragon Ball is given to them by Gyumaoh and Chichi (Milk).

When they are looking for the seventh Dragon Ball, they meet Pilaf, who robs them the other six, and join the seven Balls, to ask for his wish: ´to dominate the world´.

But when he is going to ask for the wish, Oolong reaches to go ahead from Pilaf, and ask for the sacred Dragon, a ridiculous wish: ´Girl panties´. Pilaf, furious, threatens to torture them, but Son Gokuh demonstrates one unknown of his powers: ´Everytime he watches the full moon, he transforms himself into a big gorilla´, and he destroyes Pilaf´s stronghold.

Yamcha and friends, don´t know how to stop him so they try to cut him tail, and Gokuh returns to his original form.

After that, Gokuh wakes up, and everybody decide to separate and follow their own way.

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