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21th Tenkaichi Budokai

Sagas introduction

Next morning, everybody follows his own way, and Son Gokuh goes to train himself with Mutenroshi Sensei. There, he knows a boy called Krilin that wants to convert Mutenroshi disciple himself too. Mutenroshi tell them that if they want to convert themselves into his disciples, they must carry him a pretty girl. After many attemps they find a girl called Lunch, and they carry her to Kame House. Soon, they discover that the girl change her personality when she sneezes.


Kame´s training takes some months and it is very hard. Gokuh and Krilin must work the field with their own hands, distribute milk boxes with no vehicle, work on construction, swim fleezeing from a shark and avoid wasps tied to a tree.

When they finish their training, Mutenroshi (Kame Sen´nin) take them to the Artial Marts World Great Tournament, also known as Tenkaichi Budokai, in its 21th edition. When they get passed the preliminary combats, the following combats remain to the final rounds:


Final Quarters:



21th Tenkaichi Budokai Great Final

Gokuh transforms himself again into a big gorilla (ohzaru), during final combat, but this time Jackie Chun (Mutenroshi), destroys Full Moon, and finish the menace.

This way, Gokuh loose the freat final versus Jackie Chun, and decides
to separate from his friends to search for Dragon Balls again, and look for new adventures that makes him stronger.

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