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A-18´s Card

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A-18 is one of the two assasin androids built by Dr. Gero, in order to kill Son Gokuh because of the Red Ribbon´s destruction. But this is Mirai No Trunks future version...

The truth is that Son Gokuh and the others meet three androids, more powerful even that those Mirai No Trunks described, but the are quite pacific and see their objetive as only a game, without the final objective of destroy the world and humanity.

During the game, Vegeta that has get angry because of being ignored by the three androids, decides to face A-18, and after a preliminar battle in which it looked like they were at same power levels, A-18 defeats him so easy. The others try to help Vegeta, but they all are defeated by A-18 and A-17 also.

But just a little bit of time later, Cell´s existence, and his objective to absorb the androids A-17 and A-18 is discovered, and at that moment, Z-Warriors objective will be to prevent it. A-16 will try to defend A-18 facing Cell, but he will be defeated when Cell gets to absorb A-17. Krilin has the chance to destroy her, using a remote control maked by Bulma, but the romantic little one will not be able to do it, being A-18 absorbed by Cell.

During the battle against Cell, Son Gohan will become more powerful than the monster, and will force them to expulse A-18, returning to life.

When she knows all the things that Krilin has made trying to protect her from damage, she will decide to live with him at Kame House, where they will have a daughter, and they will become happy together.

But she decides to live his own life, and does not join the Z-Warriors in future adventures, being his more important combat, the final in 25 Tenkaichi Budokai against Trunks and Son Goten. Nevertheless, in Dragon Ball GT, when Krilin is killed by Super A-17, she faces his old friend and helps Son Gokuh in order to defeat the Super Android.

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