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Red Ribbon Sagas

Gokuh goes to look for new adventures, but in his way, he meets again Pilaf, and a new enemy: The Red Ribbon. This is an army, that destroys Pilaf´s flyer stronghold, but they are not be able to defeat Son Gokuh, whose beats successively generals Silver, White and Blue, and their subordinates soldiers until, angered, Red General contract the assasin Tao Pai Pai.

This assasin kills Upa´s father, an amerindian boy that realizes Son Gokuh´s friend, and this way Gokuh faces Tao Pai Pai, but he is also beated. Upa tells Son Gokuh the legend about Karin´s Tower, which says that who realizes to climb it totally, will convert himself invincible. It takes one day for Gokuh to climb it, but when he arrives, he meets Karin, who trains to him.

When he goes down, he faces again Tao Pai Pai and beat him with no problems. Finally, he directly attacks Red Ribbon headquarters, and obtain the victory.

At this time, Gokuh has six Dragon Balls, and in order to find the seventh, he get a meeting with Yamcha and Krilin, and goes to meet Baba (the fortune teller). To get which they want to know, she makes them to participate in a tournament.

They are be able to win the combats together, and in the final, Son Gokuh must fight versus Son Gohan Ojichan (his grandfather, that has obtain permission to back to Earth from Other World, for a day).

When everything is finished, Gokuh follows his own way to find the last Dragon Ball and snatch it to Pilaf. The wish he ask for the Sacred Dragon, is to revive Upa´s father. After this, they all separate and train themselves for the 22th Tenkaichi Budokai.

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