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22th Tenkaichi Budokai

Sagas introduction

Three years later, Son Gokuh backs from his adventures and meet Yamcha and Krilin in the tournament. They both have been training with Mutenroshi, and they meet together to the evils Ten Shin Han and Chaoz, whose are Tsuru Tsen'nin (Tao Pai Pai brother) disciples.

The tournament final combats are:


Final quarters:



22th Tenkaichi Budokai Great Final

In the great final, Gokuh and Ten Shin Han fight so hard, and they both show amazing skills, which were unknown until this time.

A skill show by Ten Shin Han is called Taikoyen, and it allows him to use the sun light, in order to blind his adversary. In spite of everything, Gokuh is able to annul with an amazaing speed, and by robbing Mutenroshi his sun glasses.

Ten Shin Han also shows his ability to duplicate his arms, and a very powerful energy cannon, but Gokuh resits all of his attacks, with a great inventiveness.

Finally, in an air duel, they both fall, and it looks that Gokuh will be the last falling out the tatami, but in the last moment, he is run over by a car, and fall out the first, being the combat won by Ten Shin Han.

This way, Gokuh loose again the final combat, but Ten Shin Han and Chaoz have seen his soul and brave, and decide to change their team, and join Kame group.

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