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Piccolo Daimaku Sagas

Sagas introduction

When tournament is finised, Gokuh realizes that he has forget the magical cane Nyoibo. Krilin decides to go to looking for it himself, but Gokuh has a bad feeling about it. When Gokuh see that it takes so much in returning for Krilin, he run to look for his friend and find him dead.

Mutenroshi try to stop Gokuh for Krilin´s revenge with no more information, but he fails, and Gokuh goes on to the search of the assasin. Later, Mutenroshi tells the other, the history about Piccolo Daimaku, a monstrous being that was the cause of his sensei´s death (Mutaito), and he cannot believe Piccolo is still alive. The person in charge of this is Pilaf, who has liberated Piccolo from his prison.

Piccolo´s sons

Gokuh discovers soon, that the person in charge of Krilin´s death is Tambourine, an emisary of Piccolo. Gokuh face him and he is still so weak because of the tournament, and loose the combat. Later, he knows Yajirobai, a strange man of the forests, that kills another Piccolo´s emisary, called Cymbal, cook it, and eat it.

Gokuh, now restablished thanks to his last combats, and the food, is now able to revenge Krilin, and kills Tambourine. Then, he decides to attack Piccolo directly, but Piccolo is so strong, and Gokuh is overcome so easy.

Later, Piccolo kills Mutenroshi and Chaoz, whose have tried to stop him.

Karin Sacred Tower

Yajirobai carry Son Gokuh to Karin Sacred Tower, where Gokuh is healed with a Senzu, and Karin tells him to find the magical Sacred Water, if he wants to be able to defeat Piccolo. After passing hardly tests, Son Gokuh obtain the sacred water, and becomes strongly.

At the same time, Ten Shin Han decides to face Piccolo. Although he is better rival than the previous others, Piccolo is stronger and Ten Shin Han is beated by the last son of Piccolo: Drum.

Later, Gokuh backs and defeat Drum with an only blow. Then, Gokuh faces Piccolo, and it begins a mythical versus, in which Piccolo makes unusable all Son Gokuh´s body except for an arm, and goes to destroy him forever. But in the last moment, Gokuh uses that arm to impel his own body, and goes directly to Piccolo, who has no time to defend himself, and his abdomen is crossed by Gokuh, dying finally.

But before his death, Piccolo puts an egg, from his son will born and revenge him.

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