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23th Tenkaichi Budokai

23th Tenkaichi Budokai Sagas Introduction

As after have obtained his wish of becoming younger, Piccolo Daimaku had killed the Sacred Dragon, Gokuh becomes sad. But Kami-Sama, Earth´s God, is very graceful to Gokuh because of saving the world from the menace, and decides to revive Shenron Dragon. Later, he decides to train Gokuh to his 23th Tenkaichi Budokai joining, in which he will find Piccolo´s son, within three years. Gokuh trains so hard with Kami-Sama and Mr. Popo, mainly in mental control, and learn how to detect the ki of his rivals. Also, he acquires a great speed because of training with extremely heavy clothes, and a great resistance mainly.

Three years later, everybody meet at the tournament, and all of them have changed a lot their aspect, but...Gokuh has raised up more than a meter!!! There, they recognize Piccolo´s son, and meet Shen, who is Kami-Sama in a human body, in truth. The preliminary combats are:


Final quarters:



Final combat between Gokuh and Piccolo becomes spectacular, and the people is not be able to see their movements, due to their big speed.

Final Combat: Gokuh vs Piccolo Jr.

Both of them show unusual techniques. For example, Piccolo shows the ability to extend his extremities a lot, creating energy waves that he can direct voluntarily or even increase his own body size for tens of times.

By the other side, Son Gokuh shows an unusual incredible speed, due to the heavy clothes, that the wears off. More even, he surprises everybody with a Super Kamehameha.

When it appears that Son Gokuh has won, Piccolo surprises him back by sending an energy beam through his mouth, that crosses Gokuh´s shoulder and leaves him dying.

Taking advantage of this, Piccolo does not stop striking him and then he ascends in flight to send his Genki attack to destroy Son Gokuh completely. Tatami is destroyed totally, but when Piccolo begins to celebrate his victory and to threaten the Son Gokuh´s companions, this one reappears in the horizon, flying, going directly towards Piccolo, that is distracted with his threats.

Later Gokuh hits him against the flank, and with the power of the blow, Piccolo is defeated.

Finally Gokuh manages to proclaim Tenkaichi Budokai World Champion in his third attempt. The combats very were disputed, but only the four semifinalists were to the height of this championship. Gokuh does not allow Kami-Sama to finish Piccolo and heal him with a Senzu. He does not want to loose his best rival. But Piccolo swears to take revenge and then fleeze. By this way, the match finishes and Gokuh marry with Chichi (Milk) as he had promised.

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