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Saiya-jin Sagas

Saiya-jin Sagas Introduction

Five years have passed from the battle versus Piccolo, and when the Earth was enjoying a peaceful period, it arrives a space capsule, with a frightful soldier. He goes to look for Son Gokuh, but in his way, he finds Piccolo. The demon king cannot hold the arrogance of this warrior, and attacks him, but it have not any effect. Piccolo is frightened by seeing that warrior to be inmune to his attacks, and becomes paralized. But in the last minute, the strange warrior receives an energy signal on his scouter artifact, and leaves with no attack over Piccolo.

Gokuh appears in Kame House, to present his son, called Son Gohan, to his friends.

Shortly, Gokuh detects an energy that approaches them. He is the soldier who arrived in the capsule. Krilin tries to throw him and verifies soldier´s force in his own body. Then, they realize that he has a tail. The soldier tells that his name is Raditz, and he is a member of a legendary race called the Saiya-jin. He also tells that he is Son Gokuh´s older brother. More even he says that Gokuh must have destroyed the Earth and that was the reason because of he was send there.

But Gokuh denies all kinship with a so evil being. Raditz threatens kidnapping to Gohan, so Gokuh attacks the warrior, but he is defeated with a single kick. Raditz takes Gohan and says to Gokuh, that he has to kill 100 people and take their corpses to him, or the kid will die.

The 2 companions: Gokuh and Piccolo

When Raditz leaves, Piccolo appears and tells to Gokuh about have a truce and defeat Raditz together. Son Gokuh accepts and they both goes to look for Raditz.

When they find the saiya-jin, they fight together versus Raditz but he is too strong for them, so Piccolo decides to use his last skill: The Makankosappo. Gokuh catch Raditz by his tail, giving Piccolo the opportunity to send his attack with no fail chance, but in the last moment, Gokuh is deceived by Raditz, who swore to be sorry of his acts, and Piccolo fails.

At this time, Raditz attacks Gokuh, and leaves he dying, but the wrath of Son Gohan explodes, and he destroys the capsule and attacks the saiya-jin with a ver powerful blow.

Later, Son Gokuh is able to hold again Raditz, and Piccolo sends another Makankosappo that kill the two brothers.

Before die, Raditz says that his two companions will take revenge to him within one year, and that they are so much strong that him.

Gokuh at Other World. Training Begins.

Gokuh is selected to be trained by Kaioh Sama, a higher god in the Other World, until the friends of him can resurrect him. The others will be trained by Kami Sama. By other side, Piccolo kidnaps Gohan and take him to a desert in order to supervise his training. Gokuh takes six months to reach Kaioh´s house through serpent´s way (which has more than a million of kilometers). When he reachs it, he must surpass four tests. The first is making laugh Kaioh. Later, he must accustom himself to Kaioh´s planet gravity, that is although ten times higher than Earth´s gravity, by trapping the monkey Bubbles. After that, he has to gain speed striking Gregory fly with a hammer. And finally, he must combat versus Kaioh.

Saiya-jin arrives

When eleven months has passed, Gokuh finish his training, but the saiya-jin have arrived one a month before the Z-Warriors waited. Unfortunately, Gokuh has to cross back serpent´s way. Meanwhile, the others meet to combat the saiya-jin. First of all, they have to combat and destroy the Saibaimen. In the first confrontation, Ten Shin Han wins, and Vegeta finish the defeated Saibaiman. Then, Yamcha also surpass another Saibaiman, but the monster catch strongly Yamcha´s body and explode, killing both. Krilin, who is furious, kill all the other Saibaimen with the except of one, that is killed by Piccolo. After this, the saiya-jin are dispossed to fight, being Nappa the first one.

Nappa in action: Death everywhere

Nappa begins strongly, and first of all, strikes Ten Shin Han with a punch and takes off one of his arms. Later, Chaozu sacrifice himself exploding over Nappa, but the saiya-jin survives with no hurts at all.

Ten Shin Han wants to revenge his little friend, but he looses all of his energy during the attack, and after that, he dies.

Only remains alive Piccolo, Gohan and Krilin. The two saiya-jin decides to stop the battle, in order to give Son Gokuh the chance to arrive before they kill his friends. When the three hours have passed, Son Gokuh has not arrive yet, and the battle restarts. Nappa hurts seriously to Krilin, and later he decides to kill Son Gohan, but Piccolo sacrifices himself in order to save him. Piccolo is no more a bad one, because of Son Gohan who has changed his feelings. The little son of Son Gokuh wants to revenge Piccolo, and attack Nappa with an amazing force, but it is not enough. When Nappa is going to kill him, Kinton cloud appears and save the boy. Gokuh has arrived!!!

Gokuh joins the battle

Gokuh heals Son Gohan and Krilin with the Senzu, and the he decides to enter the battle alone. He is be able to defeat Nappa in a minute using Kaioh Ken. Vegeta demonstrates his coldness finishing his companion. Gokuh requests Vegeta to change fight place in order to keep out of damage the bodies of his dead partners. Vegeta accepts the conditions.

Final Confront

Gokuh realizes soon, that Vegeta is stronger than him, even using Kaioh Ken (a skill that allows him to duplicate his strength). In order to defeat him, he uses Kaioh Ken x3 and sends a Kamehameha to him. Although he achieves to win the first confront, his body suffers a lot a he is exhausted. Vegeta returns battle and create an artificial moon, transforming himself into Ohzaru. Gokuh tries to create a Genkidama but Vegeta attacks him before it is finished and Son Gokuh is defeated completely. In that moment, Son Gohan returns and distracts Vegeta in order to give Krilin the chance to create a Kienzan and cut Vegeta´s tail. But Vegeta realizes about their plan and they fail. But Yajirobai appears and cut the tail with his katana sword. Then, Gohan faces Vegeta and Krilin receives the Genkidama from Son Gokuh, meanwhile. When he goes to launch it, Yajirobai distracts Krilin and Vegeta is able to avoid it. The Genkidama goes directly to Son Gohan, but he is able to repel it and it reachs Vegeta. Nevertheless, Vegeta survives and continues attacking them.

Finally, Gohan transform himself into ohzaru while seeing the moon created by Vegeta. The saiya-jin tries to cut Son Gohan´s tail and achieves it, but Son Gohan, still ohzaru transformed, fall over Vegeta, and squash him. This time, Vegeta is totally defeated. Krilin tries to finish him, but Gokuh orders him to keep alive Vegeta by declaring he is the better rival of him, and Son Gokuh does not want to loose the chance of a new battle with Vegeta. Vegeta menace him and leaves the planet with his space capsule.

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